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#1 Finca San Jorge - Palencia

#1 Finca San Jorge - Palencia

Familia Lemus

Fully Washed with open tank ferment

Tasting notes: green apple, caramel, rich

$9.16 USD/Kg $4.15 USD/lbs This coffee is sold in 69 Kg bags (152 lbs). There are currently 3 bags available.
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Lemus Family Farm

Welcome to the world of Finca San Jorge, where the rich tapestry of family values is woven into every aspect of our coffee-growing legacy. For generations, the Lemus family has nurtured a profound passion for the land and its bountiful offerings, passing down time-honored traditions from one kin to the next.

Sustainable Farming Practices

The enchanting farm Finca San Jorge is nestled amidst lush greenery, cultivated with organic and biodynamic principles. The commitment to sustainability ensures exquisite coffee beans while safeguarding the environment. Hand-picked with love, each coffee cherry reflects devotion to perfection.

Savor a sensory journey with Finca San Jorge coffee, carrying the legacy of ancestors. With an impressive average score of 87 points, the coffee is a testament to expertise and craftsmanship. Explore the diverse range of offerings, showcasing the unique characteristics of the land and farmers.

At the farm, tradition merges with innovation, embracing modern techniques while cherishing the wisdom of the past. Join the extended family, valuing authenticity, sustainability, and the joy of sharing moments over delightful coffee. Indulge in the rich flavors that only a legacy of passion and commitment can deliver, experiencing the essence of Finca San Jorge in every exquisite brew.