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East Coast - "Café de Mujeres" - Bellavista, Mexico

Mayan Harvest

Women's Group in Chiapas, Mexico

Tasting notes: maple syrup, apple pie and caramel 

Varietals: Field blend

$9.50 USD/Kg $4.31 USD/lbs This coffee is sold in 69 Kg bags (152 lbs). There are currently 118 bags available.
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Rosalba Cifuentes Tovía

Discover Bellavista, a thriving coffee-producing community located in the southernmost Mexican state of Chiapas. Nestled amidst the scenic Sierra Madre mountain range, this region boasts altitudes ranging from 1400 to 1700 meters, creating an ideal environment for cultivating exceptional coffee beans.

At the helm of this remarkable community is Rosalba Cifuentes Tovía, whose leadership plays a crucial role in the success of coffee production. For the people of Bellavista, coffee cultivation serves as their sole source of income, making fair pricing a vital game changer in their livelihoods.

Women Produced Coffee

Within the community, there are three distinct groups involved in selling coffee. Balam takes center stage, focusing on the "Café del grupo de Mujeres" or the "Women's Group Coffee." This inspiring collective comprises 110 women from Bellavista, united in their efforts to sell their coffee as a cohesive force. Rosalba shared with us that the community has faced challenges due to low coffee prices, regional violence, and an increase in asylum seekers and refugees, leading a significant number of men to leave. As a result, up to 80-85% of the women in Bellavista are widows, single mothers, or facing a combination of both responsibilities.

The coffee we offer from Bellavista is not just exceptional in taste but also carries a powerful story. Every bean has been carefully handpicked, meticulously processed, and nurtured solely by the dedicated women of the community. By supporting this coffee, you directly contribute to empowering these women and their families, creating a positive impact on their lives and fostering sustainable growth in the region.