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#1 Finca Lilo - La Pastora de Tarrazu

#1 Finca Lilo - La Pastora de Tarrazu

Familia Blanco Ureña

Yellow Honey process

Tasting notes: lime, cane sugar and butter cookies

Varietals: CostaRica95

$11.10 USD/Kg $5.03 USD/lbs This coffee is sold in 46 Kg bags (101 lbs). There are currently 6 bags available.
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Family Owned & Operated

In the distinguished coffee legacy of the Blanco family, spanning three generations of dedication and expertise, Mariano, the 3rd generation coffee producer, is passionate about expanding horizons and embracing innovative processing methods like naturals and anaerobics. Despite limited production, each bean is meticulously cultivated with unwavering commitment, ensuring only the finest quality coffee reaches your cup.


Sustainability & Ethical Practices

At this farm, nestled in the heart of their ancestral land, they uphold a deep reverence for tradition while seeking to push the boundaries of flavor and craftsmanship. Their pursuit of excellence is not measured by quantity, but rather by the unparalleled quality of every bean they produce. Each coffee cherry is nurtured with care, allowing the unique flavors to blossom and reveal their true potential.With a dedication to sustainability and ethical practices, they cherish the environment that sustains them and the communities they are part of. By choosing their coffee, you become a part of their family's journey, connecting with the essence of generations of passion and love for coffee. Experience the captivating tastes and aromas that only a multi-generational commitment can bring, and savor the remarkable journey of their family's coffee legacy. Join them in celebrating tradition, innovation, and the art of extraordinary coffee.