Familia Cheves


Immerse yourself in the extraordinary world of Finca La Tormenta, where the Cheves family cultivates their land neighbouring the renowned "Parque Nacional de la Sierra de las Minas," one of Guatemala's most biodiverse and magnificent natural reserves. Nestled in this breathtaking region, our partners are dedicated to preserving the richness of the environment while producing exceptional coffees. With their land surrounded by cloudy forests and enjoying mild weather year-round, Finca La Tormenta thrives as a true haven for biodiversity. Through their sustainable farming practices, they maintain a delicate balance with nature, ensuring the continued prosperity of the flora and fauna that call this paradise home. When you choose products from Finca La Tormenta, you not only savour the highest quality goods but also contribute to the conservation of Guatemala's precious natural heritage. Experience the true essence of sustainability and biodiversity with every purchase from our esteemed partners at Finca La Tormenta.