Our story

Who We Are

Anna Valdés & Sebastián Recinos

Collectively, our team possesses an extensive background of over two decades in the coffee industry. The concept of launching this project had been percolating within us for several years, and the drive to transform our aspirations into reality compelled us to join forces. Our deep affection for this industry and the profound bonds we share with the producers set us apart from others.

Our ultimate goal is to witness the flourishing success of specialty coffee producers and facilitate a sustainable and all-encompassing partnership between them and you.

Our Purpose

We empathize with the uncertainty and instability that coffee producers encounter on a global scale. Their relentless efforts and dedication often go unrewarded, while the challenges of everyday life and difficult living conditions further compound their struggles. Within the supply chain, factors such as climate change, natural disasters, labor shortages, price fluctuations, and unpredictable income pose significant obstacles for these producers.

With the sole objective of bringing you the finest coffees from around the world, we have established Balam Coffee Project. Our primary focus is to foster enduring relationships between roasters and producers on a global scale, ensuring stability for all parties involved. We devote 100% of our time to nurturing these connections, delving deep into understanding the unique needs of each of our partners.

Our aim is to assist roasters worldwide in procuring exceptional and distinct coffees for a meaningful purpose. Through our long-term commitments, we ensure both your peace of mind and that of the producers. Acting as a bridge, we establish a firm and transparent link between you and our esteemed partnering producers.